“hashar” (origins: persian, arabic “collective help, charity”) - an ancient tradition, predominantly in Uzbekistan, of collective help and voluntary participation in beautification of public spaces.

hashar week is a multifaceted social project aimed at creating a platform for effective collaboration of people, businesses, governmental agencies and international organisations in tackling environmental issues, dissemination of environmental culture and play an active role in the formation of sustainable model of development in Uzbekistan.


  • Green Office

  • Waste sorting system in offices
  • Collection of recyclable and sorted waste
  • Personnel training
  • Awareness events aimed at corporate social responsibility and environmental culture
  • Participation in the Association of environmentally responsible organisations
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  • Green home

  • Waste sorting system in residential buildings
  • Set up of a mini sorting station on the territory
  • Collection of recyclable and sorted waste
  • Participation of residents in waste sorting loyalty programme
  • Environmental awareness
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  • Recyclables collection point

  • Hashar week collection points are designed to become an integral part of urban infrastructure, allowing citizens to practice waste sorting and bring it to our collection points for recycling
  • At the moment we are in the process of obtaining an official permission from the city officials. We are working in partnership with Mironshox and Rahnamo Servis and you can bring your sorted waste to one of their waste disposal stations shown on the map below:
  • Packaging return programme

  • Waste sorting system for FMCG sector
  • Set up of recyclable packaging collection box
  • Collection of recyclable and sorted waste.
  • Discount system for frequent customers bringing their recyclable packaging
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  • Environmental management

  • Design and development of sustainability strategy for organisations
  • Strategy implementation and monitoring
  • Consulting services on sustainability practices in your organisation
  • Personnel training
  • Management of recyclable waste
  • Sustainability campaigns and awareness events
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hashar week: Generation Z

12 provinces, 15 cities, 100 schools, more than 6000+ school students

Generation Z project is aimed at young citizens of Uzbekistan, promotion of environmental education and increase of environmental literacy among school children. As part of hashar week 2020: Generation Z programme, we conducted trainings and seminars on waste and introduced a system of waste sorting in schools across Uzbekistan.

How can you help?

However, this is not enough, as there are over 9942 schools in the country and you can help us cover more schools and increase environmental literacy of Generation Z in Uzbekistan.

Waste sorting bins (support the project by sponsoring waste sorting bins for more schools)

375 000 сум


Educational games (support the project by sponsoring an educational puzzle or mini bins for children)

115 000 сум

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Online waste sorting

  • Paper

    Office paper

    Old documents Envelopes Postcards Calendars

    Separate paper clips, staples, plastic inserts, springs


    Notebooks Copybooks Drawing albums Flyers

    Separate paper clips, staples, plastic inserts, springs

    Newspapers and magazines

    Magazines Newspapers

    Paper packaging

    Cardboard (boxes, packaging) Paper bags, packaging

    The packaging must be clean! Separate staples, plastic inserts

    Not acceptable

    Paper cups Disposable paper tableware Tetrapak Dirty pizza boxes Cheque Fax paper Photos Wallpaper Paper napkins Paper towels Paper bags from construction materials Packs from cigarettes Parchment paper

    This waste is not recyclable, it goes directly to the landfill. Avoid buying these items whenever possible

  • Plastic


    Water and other drinks bottles Cooking oil bottles Cosmetics, detergent bottles

    Remove any remaining contents. Lids and labels do not need to be removed

    Plastic bags

    Plastic bags Clear bags Toilet paper packaging

    Plastic bags should be clean, without food residues

    Plastic film

    Packaging and bubble film Cling film

    Hard plastic

    Detergent bottles Cosmetics bottles Canisters Buckets, basins Plastic bottle caps Lens containers

    Empty the remaining liquids. Lids and labels do not need to be removed

    Plastic packaging

    Washing powder soft packaging Feminine pads packaging Sugar, flour, construction materials bags

    Remove any remaining contents

    Disposable plastic tableware

    Disposable glasses Food containers

    Rinse off leftover food, crumple packaging

    Not acceptable

    Chips packaging Soft packaging from mayonnaise, ketchup Packaging marked 03 PVC / 06, 06 PS, 07 OTHER Foamed substrates from products (meat, vegetables) Sour cream, yogurt packaging Egg trays Toothbrush Personal hygiene products (diapers, pads, tampons) Toothpaste, creams tubes Candy and bar wrappers CDs and DVDs, floppy disks Audio and video cassettes Markers, pens Plastic cards Make up Styrofoam

    This waste is not recyclable, it goes directly to the landfill. Avoid buying these items whenever possible.

  • Grass


    Water, beer and other drinks bottles Wine and champagne bottles

    Remove any remaining contents. Lids and labels do not need to be removed


    Juice, condiments glass jars Baby food glass jars

    Remove any remaining contents. Lids and labels do not need to be removed

    Not acceptable

    Drugs jars Window and furniture glass Light bulbs Mirrors Glassware Crystal Pottery and porcelain

  • Metal

    Tin cans Aluminum cans
  • Collection points